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Ultrabrand expanded into 9 new US states in 2015.

We have clients on 3 continents, across 5 countries.

We helped our clients reach a combined global audience of over 60 million unique impressions in 2015.

Together, our clients grossed over $1 Billion in revenue in 2015.

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Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, with over 50 million followers on social media, and a rapidly growing personal brand made famous by her role on the hit E! reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner families, Kylie is one of the most sought-after young celebrities internationally.


The Kylie Lip Kit is currently a collection of 3 shades of matte liquid lip stick, with a matching lip liner pencil. Young girls all over the world are looking for the best way to replicate the now famous ‘Kylie Lip’, and the KylieLipKit does just that. The first product to be branded by Kylie exclusively under the Kylie Jenner name, the Kylie Lip Kit brand was designed to appeal to young women and teenagers everywhere, and is sold in 150 countries worldwide.


The goal of our project with Kylie was twofold. First, we wanted to build a beautiful digital campaign (inclusive of an eCommerce website platform, as well as marketing collateral like logo design, social media imagery and product branding) that would closely follow Kylie’s own personal style, as well as the style of her global fan base. Second, Ultrabrand needed to implement a website that could handle an immense traffic load of up to 20 million users in the website’s first day online, combined with a launch set for the net’s busiest day, Cyber Monday. Keeping the site online and running smoothly during a massive global rollout was essential to ensuring no loss in revenue, media attention or customer satisfaction.


The Kylie Lip Kit website was built on a custom WordPress platform using WooCommerce, one of the world’s most robust eCommerce platforms. Ultrabrand worked directly with the Office of the CEO at GoDaddy, the largest web host in the world, who connected our team to MediaTemple, a subsidiary owned by GoDaddy experienced in massive web launches for celebrities like Beyonce and Donald Trump. The website was built on a custom-built solution with Amazon AWS as our back-end server provider. The solution was custom designed for ultra high availability, to counter millions and millions of fans hitting the site at once. The site also needed to be elastic, with an architecture that would support an initial surge of traffic, followed by peaks and valleys where server requirements could be scaled up and down accordingly. Ultrabrand, in combination with MediaTemple, ensured a set of contingencies to counter any fault intolerances by building several scenario and traffic load-specific copies of the website, that the servers would automatically shift between depending on traffic loads. This kept the site online, and promptly notified users when the product had sold out.


The Kylie Lip Kit website and social media campaign went live to Kylie Jenner’s 50 million+ followers at 9AM PST on Cyber Monday, with a team of cloud architechts on hand to monitor the launch, ensuring the website and its servers maintained a high fidelity throughout the launch, as timezones shifted and various other countries ‘came online’. Ultrabrand’s CEO Ryan Ward-Williams was with Kylie and her family at their Dash store in Beverly Hills during the launch to celebrate. The Jenner/Kardashian families have retained Ultrabrand for several future digital branding campaigns coming soon from the family.



$10,000.00 USD

Wecom Inc. is an Arizona-based telecom company specializing in business broadband services across Nevada and Arizona. Wecom is the parent holding company of Data-Max Wireless, a residential and business broadband and VoIP service provider with coverage across Arizona. Wecom was referred to ULTRABRAND®.

The Problem

Wecom is a highly respected Arizona-based company providing high-quality broadband services and the ultimate in customer service. While the company continued to maintain this excellent reputation throughout the past several years, their primary marketing medium – their website – did not adequately reflect the integrity, professionalism and quality of the service within the brand. The company’s website was dated, with little personality and no “human element” – that is, no relation to the emotion that drives the service they provide. The internet is a beautiful place that provides the world with means to communicate with each other – a message that failed to resonate with the company’s current marketing initiative. The issue was a common theme for both Wecom and the company’s subsidiary brand, Data-Max. Wecom’s management also requested a way to track the site’s usage by visitors and to derive meaningful statistics from an analytics engine.

The Challenge

The challenge with Wecom and Data-Max was in relation to the service the company sells. Unlike most internet service providers, both Wecom and Datamax go above and beyond their call of duty and provide their clients with not just simple highspeed internet and phone service, but highly technical services like Hosted PBX Exchange and SIP Trunking for more advanced users. The challenge was to communicate these services in a way that incorporated technicality into a beautiful, cohesive brand image.

The Solution

A consistent issue with the Wecom and Data-Max websites that were found to degrade the brand’s equity was the fact that for such a personal service (communications), the sites were incredibly impersonal. ULTRABRAND® decided to use Getty® Images to secure ultra-high quality photography of technology, internet and phone users to properly display the emotional connection between the user and the Wecom and Data-Max brands. Rather than simply using regular stock imagery, the images we procured for Wecom and Data-Max included highly editorial photography that builds trust between the site’s user and the brand, and develops a point of relation that draws the consumer in. Together, the Wecom and Data-Max sites use over 50 beautiful photographs of telecom at its best; towers amongst rolling hills, engaged iPad users, and even the technicalities of SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX. In terms of Analytics, the company now uses powerful metric reporting software to further engage with their audience.

The Results

The Wecom site, completed in 2012, is one of ULTRABRAND®’s best assets in our client portfolio; a dramatic departure from a reinvented brand. Less than a year later, Wecom reported excellent click-through with their site and requested to undergo a similar rebranding initiative with their subsidiary brand, Data-Max. Today, both Wecom and Data-Max have secured a highly equitable online and offline brand image, reaching a larger audience through optimization and providing their customers with lasting first impression.



$15,000.00 USD

Lisa Song Sutton is an American model, philanthropist, business-owner and legal eagle. But her most recent title — Miss Nevada — presents new challenges and opportunities for building a brand synonymous with beauty, professionalism and social responsibility.

Lisa Song Sutton, the current reigning Miss Nevada, is one of The Ultrabrand® Collection’s staple clients in terms of brand congruency. Ultrabrand® was built specifically for people, businesses and brands who seek to aggressively draw in consumers and clients based heavily on the merits of the brand they represent. Lisa is no exception — the various brands she controls are steeped in luxury, elegance and class, with an element of diplomacy and philanthropy that is strongly aligned with her compassion for her community, clients and overall network. Lisa currently has five brands in her portfolio, each branded by Ultrabrand®, and each with its own unique flare and mission.

As Miss Nevada, one of Lisa’s foremost brands is highly influenced by her own taste and style — herself. Ultrabrand® built Lisa’s portfolio web campaign,, in 2012. But aside from being an internationally-acclaimed Maxim model and contender for Miss United States, Lisa is also a serial entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the wildly successful Sin City Cupcakes, one of Las Vegas’ hottest culinary treats (alcohol-infused cupcakes). In 2012, Ultrabrand® built the company’s web campaign, which hosts our highest-trafficked contact form, receiving thousands of E-mails per year. 2013 marked the inception of the Fundamental Elements Foundation, a charitable organization led by Lisa and a well-established panel of directors, aimed at providing underprivileged women with the clothing and other essentials they need to get back on their feet. Ultrabrand® was pleased to welcome the Fundamental Elements Foundation as the first charity brand in the Collection. In 2014, Lisa introduced Liquid & Lace to the world, a high-end bikini brand selling ‘bikinis for a cause’, with proceeds going to various charities, including Fundamental Elements. Finally, Lisa has extended her flare for premium brands into the real estate market, signing as an agent with Sotheby’s International Realty, the world’s foremost authority on ultra-luxury real estate. Ultrabrand® is excited to announce that Sutton & Chase, Lisa’s partnership co-branded with Synergy SIR, is now a member of the Ultrabrand Collection.

The Challenge

Challenges always exist when branding multiple product lines under a single conglomerate. Lisa Sutton is, by definition, a conglomerate — a collection of separate and diverse brands under one holding. What challenges, then, exist in branding a beauty queen, a power-real-estate agent, a director and a chief executive? The first is consistency, and whether it should or should not apply across all brands. It’s important to consider how the brand identity of one holding affects the identity of another. In the case of Lisa Sutton, a challenge exists in, for example, deciding which elements of the Sin City Cupcake brand, if any, should be evident the Fundamental Elements brand, or the Liquid & Lace brand, etc. What is important to understand is that brand consistency doesn’t necessarily mean a shared brand identity — Dove and Axe are both owned by Unilever, yet they present a radically different brand image, target consumer, and ad copy. That being said, we wanted to find a consistent theme across all five brands to define how each brand ultimately redirects up the chain and back to the head honcho – Lisa Sutton. That theme is one exuding tones of elegance — luxury — world class, but also, meaningful — desirable — and worth the premium price tag.

The Solution

The solution? Elegance across all brands. Exploring through the web campaigns we have built for Lisa Sutton on behalf of her family of companies brings the visitor to a consistent theme across radically different brands. From a $38 million Las Vegas penthouse, to alcohol-infused cupcakes, to a line of luxury bikinis and swimwear, one thing remains clear — these brands present a well-manicured, high-end, luxury experience in deep congruency with the actual level of product quality and service they offer. We accomplished this by building web experiences that engage the user through beautiful imagery, bold lines and rigid, unique design, breaking the mould and doing away with the ‘cookie-cutter’ style of branding Lisa’s competitors are employing.

Lasting Relations

Ultrabrand® continues to serve as the exclusive branding and marketing provider for Lisa Sutton and her family of brands (Lisa Song Sutton – Miss Nevada, Sin City Cupcakes, Liquid & Lace, Fundamental Elements Foundation, and Sutton & Chase). We are excited to continue building luxury brands with Lisa as we continue to strengthen our position as a luxury branding services firm in the United States.



$12,000.00 USD

All City Storage is an international storage company with locations in San Macros, California and Toronto, Ontario. In Toronto, All City Storage offers the largest available public storage facility by square footage and volume. In San Macros, the recently renovated facility provides modern, state-of-the-art security and innovative features. While the two locations are distinct business entities with different organizational goals, both operate under the same name and brand image.

The Problem

The primary issue facing these two storage giants was the fact that because they are both distinct business entities, they also had very distinct visions for future branding, despite being carried under the same logo and name. All City Storage Toronto’s website hadn’t been updated in over 6 years. The website consisted of an entirely Flash-based atmosphere that was incompatible with iOS and other mobile devices. The design was “box-themed” with an overtone of brown to represent the shipping nature of the company. By 2013 standards, All City Storage Toronto’s website was outdated, uninviting and communicated an aging brand to its prospective customers.

All City Storage, San Macros, had an equally uninviting website consisting of colors and design elements that instantly dated the site. The brand image was also significantly degraded with the quality of photos listed on the website as well as an overall lack of the “human element” that is so important in retail branding.

The Challenge

While All City Storage Toronto was eager to shed their old design and brand image, the American entity was less than willing to proceed, and was generally skeptical in the beginning. The subject of the challenge became convincing All City Storage San Macros’ management that a reinvention of their brand was vital to stay afloat in the California marketplace, consisting of hundreds of franchised, big-box brands like Public Storage. While the American entity opted out of a redesign initially, the Canadian company proceeded full-steam ahead with a redesign by ULTRABRAND®. The full rebranding process was completed in about two weeks. At this time, ULTRABRAND® approached All City Storage San Macros with the approved designs from Toronto.

After consulting with Toronto about the results and response of their new brand image and website, the management of All City Storage San Macros became immediately convinced of the overwhelming impact of the redesign. Within one week, All City Storage San Macros’ President, and CEO of Retail Opportunity Investments Corporation (NASDAQ:ROIC), Stuart Tanz, flew to Toronto to meet with UB® President and Creative Director Ryan Ward-Williams to discuss the implementation of a new, slightly modified brand image based on the Toronto venture’s new designs.

The Solution

Both All City Storage Toronto and San Macros allowed ULTRABRAND® to proceed with full creative license to rebrand the companies together. Our intention with these two websites was to bring the human element in to play, by utilizing rights-managed, ultra-high resolution imagery purchased from Getty Images with a copyright license. All City Storage San Macros chose to use a full-screen setting to take advantage of beautiful imagery to communicate that they understand that their clients may be storing items of sentimental, personal value, as well as to ensure the communication of their state-of-the-art security systems.

All City Storage Toronto opted for a cleaner, simplified version, as their website included significantly less content on a minimalistic scale. With an appropriate white balance as well as the continued use of rights-managed imagery, ULTRABRAND® was able to significantly revitalize the Toronto company’s brand image.

The Results

The results from both the Toronto and San Macros entities of All City Storage have been overwhelming. Both websites have been optimized for search engine indexing, as well as updated with the functionality and compatibility necessary for the web standards of 2013. Traffic has increased dramatically across both companies by as much as 200 per cent. Both companies have an increased sense of culture within their organization citing the rebranding efforts of ULTRABRAND®. Both companies now have competing web presences with major international chains like Public Storage and Pods. Both companies are extremely happy with the results they’ve seen. ROIC (NASDAQ:ROIC), the parent company of All City Storage San Macros, has hired ULTRABRAND® full time to manage several marketing and logistics aspects of their branding for investor relations and sales, as a result of our performance on the All City Storage project.

Lasting Relations

ULTRABRAND® was pleased to accept an invitation from All City Storage’s management to attend a taping of ‘Storage Wars’, several episodes of which feature ULTRABRAND®’s management.